Monday, November 30, 2009

Taiping Sentral Orchid Show 2009 - Best Plant of The Show

Best Plant of The Show - Dendrobium glomeratum(syn. sulawesiense)
Owner : Sin Chan Wah of Cameron Highlands.

Origin and habitat : Found in Moluccas Islands in old forest at elevations of 1200 meters and higher as a small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with pendant growing stems. In Western Papua New Guinea, plants grow at low elevations along swampy rivers.

Flowers : 6 - 10 per inflorescence. The flowers are 1.2 inches (3cm) across. Sepals and petals are deep rose-pink, the tip is bright orange to orange-vermilion. The lip is folded at the apex with a toothed, uneven margin. Flowers are clustered.

Inflorescensce : Inflorescence arise from the sides of leafless canes. Plants may bloom several times a year.

Leaves : Leaves are thin and dark green in colour. They are decidous. Only new growths have leaves.

Pseudobulbs : The pseudobulbs are 10 - 20 inches (25 - 50 cm) long. Stems are brownish grey with many nodes.

Cultivation : The plants may be mounted on woods, tree-ferns or cork slabs provided that the humidity is high and should be watered daily. If plants are potted, shallow pot is recomended. Any open, fast draining medium can be used. Plants should be watered daily but alow to dry in between waterings. Apply balanced fertilizers weekly and weakly.

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